About Us

Daddy and I love rocks & minerals!


Hi. My name is McKayla. Along with my Daddy, we collect rocks and minerals, and make some of them into small pieces called "Cabochons" or cabs. Some of these we drill holes into to make pendants and earrings. Daddy told me that there are over 3,000 types of Agate and Jasper, and I'm determined to get at least one of each!

We started our store based on our existing rock and mineral collection, more of which we'll be posting over time.  As time passed, we realized the value that cabochons (polished rock samples) had in terms of expanding our collection.  Many of our cabochons are pretty large, so they make terrific collector's samples.  Some of them are smaller, and that led to us starting to turn these into pendants, and here we are today.  I hope you like our collection and consider supporting us in our hobby.

We've done trips all through New England. Daddy has done this for much longer, and has gone to many places in the world, even as far away as Mexico and Pakistan.

We have sorted our collection into five parts:
1) Cabochons - these are finished and polished samples of various minerals, in shapes like ovals, raindrops, shields, 'ox horns', and others
2) Finished pendants and earrings - these are cabochons with holes drilled into them, with bails and necklaces usually added.
3) Madagascar Banded Agates and other palm stones - these are beautiful samples of banded agates from Madagascar, as well as other types of palm stones like aquatic plants agate and various types of jasper.
4) Natural Rocks & Minerals - these are raw samples of what we've collected
5) Gems (coming soon!) - many natural gemstones as well as some laboratory-grown (but totally authentic) gems like sapphires

Just contact us with any questions you might have, and we'll be happy to answer them!

Thanks and happy shopping...McKayla (and Neil)