Amethyst Stalactite, from Artigas Uruguay, 68x67x7mm, 237.5 cts/47.5g (NF1306)

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Presented here is a near-perfect Amethyst Stalactite from Artigas Uruguay. These stones are moderately rare, and this one is exceptional. You'll see these come up from time-to-time, but almost never in this condition. Exceptional coloration, and terrific radial symmetry! It took an exceptional polish, and is of completely uniform thickness. It has beautiful Amethyst crystals on the outside, with swirly milky-white chacedony in the middle layer. Finally, the core is a translucent chacedony/agate surrounding the central stalactite material.

These are formed *within* an Amethyst geode, not as stalactites normally form - within a cavern.

Sorry about the price, but this one was so rare that I both had to have it and had to pay a bundle doing so.

I'll probably set this in a sterling or Argentium mount eventually, but my silversmithing skills will have to progress somewhat before I attempt this.