Museum-Quality Koroit Opal Cabochon, 37.5x24x6.5mm, 33cts (NF1307)

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This is a truly stunning, museum-quality Koroit Opal cabochon. Old pieces of this quality are extremely rare. This one is probably the finest example I have ever seen.

The Koroit Opal field is an opal mining area in Paroo Shire in South West Queensland, Australia. It is located about 80 km north northwest of Cunnamulla. This area is famous for its deep, strong ironstone with stunning patterns and inclusions of colour. They are considered the best value for money opal available.

The Koroit Opal Field was discovered in 1897 by Lawrence Rostron, who was a manager of a local property. He formed a group of eight and after many years of hard work they created the large Glasgow syndicate which was know as the Scottish & Australian Opal Mines.

I do apologize for the price - I got this stone because I loved it, not to make a lot of money on it. It has been marked up only a very small amount. It will be shipped in a protective box, for safety's sake.