Nicely Patterned Ocean Jasper Cabochon, 44x28x5mm, 44.7 cts (NF1081)

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This is nicely colored collector's/jeweler's piece of Ocean Jasper. Beautiful yellow and beige orbs and swirls set within a dark forest green. This sample is good for those interested in collecting the many forms of agate, jasper, or sometimes other minerals, as well as those into jewelry making.

Jasper is a form of chalcedony quartz, and is opaque rather than clear or translucent like regular quartz or agate. It contains an abundance of impurities which give its interesting appearance. I understand that there are over 3,000 forms of jasper.

The trade name Ocean Jasper is used for a variety found along the intertidal shores of northeast Madagascar.

Although this is a cab, you can also glue on "bails", or have the piece drilled to accept a pinch bail. Either approach will let you turn this sample into a fine pendant.