Unusual Black Sea Sediment Jasper Pendant, 50x20x6mm, 37 cts (NF1083)

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This is an interesting piece of black Sea Sediment Jasper. It's black and beige in color, and nicely finished overall. It also comes with a black pewter bail and a black "leatherette" necklace. Usually mined in Hubei China Sea Sediment Jasper is also known as African Opal, Aqua Terra Jasper, and Impression Jasper. It's good for those interested in collecting the many forms of agate, jasper, or sometimes other minerals.

Jasper is a form of chalcedony quartz, and is opaque rather than clear or translucent like regular quartz or agate. It contains an abundance of impurities which give its interesting appearance. There are over 3,000 types of agates and jaspers, and this is a nice representative of one of them.

(As always, if you don't like the choice of bail or necklace, just contact me and we can make changes.)