Unusual Green Crazy Lace Agate Pendant, Teardrop-Shaped, 55*33*7mm (NF941)

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This is a bit unusual, a green Crazy Lace Agate pendant, teardrop-shaped. It comes with the copper bail and the copper chain necklace.

This particular stone has a pair of small "vugs", or cave-like indentations - one on the front and one on the back. Makes an interesting addition to the stone.  This stone is indeed crazy lace agate, but it has been dyed in order to obtain the unusual coloration. These come in many variations and are indeed striking.

"Crazy Lace" is one of my favorite forms of agate. It is exceptionally intricate, and makes an outstanding collector's piece. It exhibits a lace-like pattern with forms such as eyes, swirls, bands and/or zigzags.

(As always, if you don't like the choice of bail or necklace, just contact me and we can make changes.)